Hotel InVilladiserio

When you enter an hotel room and you close the door, you know there is a secret, a luxury, a fantasy.

There is comfort. There is reassurance.


                                      Diane von Furstenberg

I am a traveller. I'm a nomad. Rarely I slept in the same bed for more than three or four nights. And I know that life in an hotel is better than any other.


                                      Diane von Furstenberg

Royal Rooms

Pop ambience for the rooms, ruled by chromatic contrast of gray, lime-green, and black: the Comic-Theme and the call of Diabolik brings a pleasant fantastic atmosphere, while numerous services offer an absolute confortable staying.

Everyone has his personal taste.

Here you can choose your favourite room with the theme you like most.


Modern design restyled in contemporary way the Swinging Sixties.

Air cooler, Free fast internet WI-FI, Safe-Box, Phone Direct Line, WakeupService and Messenger Service.

Breakfast Included.

Little and delicious corner bar, open 24 hours.

Just a few minutes from

A few steps from the river Serio, from the hills and the cyclable road.


BERGAMO - Città Alta - Old Town -9,0 km

Via XX Settembre / Sentierone - 8,0 km

SERIATE - Zona  Fiere - 10 min - 7,6 km

Airport Orio Al Serio BGY -  12 min - 10,6km.

Hotel InVilladiserio
About Enjoy your staying just a few steps from the green dale of Valle Seriana, modern hotel 5 minutes from Bergamo. International Airport of Orio al Serio (BGY) distance of 10 minutes by car. Less than an hour from Milan center.
Features Wonderful themed rooms ---------------------------------------------------- Movie Themes ---------------------------------------------------- Double bed Only ---------------------------------------------------- Jacuzzi of different size available (optional)
Contacts AELEB SAS DI EPIS ANDREA & C. Located in Via Piero e Antonio Cavalli, 38 Villa di Serio - 24020 BERGAMO CF e PI : 04005530169 Telephone : (+39) 035 66 18 50 Email :
AELEB DI EPIS ANDREA & C. SAS - Via Piero e Antonio Cavalli, 38 - Villa di Serio - 24020 BERGAMO CF e PI : 04005530169 - Telefono : (+39) 035 66 18 50 e-mail: